Quantum Chip

Intel has announced the delivery of 17 qubit superconductor chips for quantum computers to QuTech, Intel’s Quantum Research Partner in the Netherlands. New chips are made by Intel and have unique designs to achieve improved productivity and performance. Quantum computing, in essence, is paramount in parallel computing, with the ability to solve problems that ordinary computers can not handle.
In addition to applications that promote research in chemistry, materials science, and molecular modeling, quantum computers can participate in advanced algorithms that speed up decoding of power consumption. This reduces the cost and makes Blockchain widely available in a wide range of industries.


  • Very sensitive Qubits: Any noise or unwanted observations of them can cause data loss;
  • This sensitivity requires them to operate at about 20 millikelvin – 250 times colder than deep space. This extreme operating environment makes the encapsulation of the qubit key efficient and functional;
  • Superconducting is a very rare and very expensive material;
  • Possesses Infinite Power, but Quantum Computer fiddles with concentration when participating in BlockChain decoding. To solve this problem, the developer has to use the supercomputer virtualization approach to millions of nodes.