Security Tokens and STOs are considered securities from the first day. A Security Token Offering (STO) is a fully regulated ICO which proceeds with the SEC’s blessing.

Security Tokens and STOs are digital assets that are subject to federal and global security regulations. If cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are considered “programmable money” then you can consider Security Tokens a version of “programmable ownership”.
Security Tokens and STOs are game changers for financial and ownership models, allowing any company to offer equity, debt or dividends. Any fund — be it, venture capital, hedge or private equity — can offer liquidity. Any asset can offer full or partial ownership or revenue shares.
Proper management of an STO requires an in depth and active mastery of global security laws and regulations, not to mention a team of programers to create smart contracts, digital wallets, and a platform for managing the whole process throughout the life-cycle of the token.
The world’s first turnkey white-label solution for tokenization of securities of real-estate, funds, companies, and other assets. CSE will manage the processing of the solicited investors from login to capital received, as well as the issuance and management of security tokens throughout the lifetime of the asset.