Speed solution of CSE30

✓ Lighting Network

CSE still inherits the Lighting Network technology, allowing off-chain processing systems in many cases.

✓ Hyperthreading Technology

Lessons learned from Bitcoin and Ethereum, CSE utilizes hyperthreading technologies, making the super-fast processing unprecedented. This planning is like the waiting line and the door system at the airport. If the number of transactions increases dramatically, the system automatically opens more channels and opens more doors to ensure the maximum number of transactions per thread. Maximum queue at CSE is 100 transactions.

✓ Quantum Supernode and Masternode

Quantum Supernode is involved in microprocessors in each transaction. MasterNode: Professional support services, similar to aviation support services:
• Goods support;
• Support for the elderly and people with disabilities;
• Shuttle service in and out of the airport.

CSE’s Masternode also has a special service that handles large contracts such as the lease of private airplan,…