Nov 24

Revolutionary Blockchain 3.0 Under CSE Platform

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SINGAPOREOct. 28, 2018 The revolution of blockchain technology has surpassed expectations. The features of Blockchain technology such as: decentralization, data fragmentation, uniqueness, quantitative restrictions, decentralization, anonymity, and smart contract empower Bitcoin and Ethereum to completely eliminate indirect as well as bulky office systems!

Advantage of CSE Platform

Following the success of Blockchain 1.0 (BTC) and Blockchain 2.0 (ETH), CSE SG PTE LTD_Blockchain company from Singapore has launched the revolutionary Blockchain Platform 3.0 (CSE30) and Smart contract 2.0, after more than four years of research and development.

What is the difference between CSE and BTC, ETH?

Blockchain 1.0 under Bitcoin and Blockchain 2.0  Ethereum have inherent weaknesses that limit their ability for effective scaling up due to factors such as: slow processing speed, energy costs, high transaction fees, ect. The revolution Blockchain 3.0 (CSE) overcome the weakness of prior Blockchain technologies and delivered the following advantage:

1 – Super speed

Completed a CSE transaction in under 06 seconds, compared about 10 minutes for BTC and 7 minutes for ETH.

2 – Low fee

Internal transactions fee for CSE is currently $0.001, while BTC fee is 0.00004674 BTC~$0.3, ETH fee is 0.000483 ETH~ $0.10 ( these fees were taken with present prices- these fees will increase when BTC and ETH price up).

3 – Off chain

Electronic transaction is currently dependent on the availability of internet. CSE has launched a technology that allows Off chain, encrypted transactions without internet environment at speeds up to 0.003s (3 million seconds). The limiting point of this technology is its limited number and the receiver is not anonymous to prevent fraud.

4 – Smart Contract 2.0

Ethereum invented Smartcontract 1.0 and has leveraged its strength in dealing with various types of financial contracts.

CSE Smart Contract 2.0 has a more intelligent feature with multi-contractual conditions and multi-industry applications.

There is great potential for the new platform CSE30 as it only takes 15-30 minutes to create your own smart contract on the CSE30 platform, which is directly connected to the CSE30 through the API. You can create your crypto, access source, blockchain library, blockchain authentication for education, blockchain authentication for real estate, etc.

Investors in technology field are paying special attention to this new platform, and further information will be announced soon in the future.

Nov 09

CSE30 Token

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The incentive program lasts only 30 days with a total prize money of $18 million.


Blockchain 3.0 Platform

Built on the Blockchain 3.0 Platform, the Supernode system offers super benefits for multiple industries such as Finance, Retail, Commerce, Transportation, Storage, Tourism, Agriculture, etc.

Multi-layered Security

Allows enterprises to create their own Token with the option of multi-layered security system to optimize both the cost and processing speed.

Super Fast Handling

In Blockchain 3.0, processor speed is a top priority for eliminating Blockchain applications across multiple industries.

Market visibility and CSE’s value

Blockchain 1.0(Bitcoin) and Blockchain 2.0(Ethereum) have made the Blockchain revolution, but commercial markets need faster processing speed and cheaper pricing, Blockchain 1.0 and 2.0 can not do this. And it makes distance of users and developers getting farther and farther.

Built on the Supernode Cloud technology, Quantum Chip technology and multi-layered security methods enable the Blockchain process to be as fast as 1-3 seconds. CSE’s super-fast and super-efficient is positioned as Blockchain 3.0, directly into E-commerce and extends to all other industries such as Retail, Bank, Commerce, Logistic, Education, Medical,…


Token Sale



  • Start: 03/08/2018
  • Total Supply: 900.000.000 CSE
  • Input Coins: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC
  • Project Protocol: CSE30
  • Total Circulation: 360.000.000 CSE
  • Maximum Cap: $99 Million

The CSE roadmap is published as follows:

08 – 2018

Public Website, Blockchain Wallet 3.0, Payment Gateway for top 10 Cryptocurrencies, Free TXID Scratch Card Payment, Retail Payment Equipment, Announcement Private Sale 20% of Total Supply at $0.25/CSE. Bonus up to 100%.

09 – 2018

Launching Blockchain 3.0 Platform for enterprises includes: Blockchain Module 3.0, Payment Gateway, Supernode Cloud, Blockchain Database, Cold Wallet-ledger 3.0, Public ICO 20% of Total Supply with price $0.3/CSE.

01 – 2019

Completion of listing international exchanges for CSE at $0.5/CSE.

03 – 2019

Public CSE’s application running on IOS and Android platform. Public Blockchain 3.0 Platform (CSE).

BlockChain 3.0 Platform

Blockchain 3.0 which is super-fast, super-cheap allows you to apply any business. Let’s try the power and speed of Blockchain 3.0 and Quantum Supernode.

  • Web Wallet
  • Ledger Wallet 3.0
  • Blockchain Explore
  • Blockchain Foundation
  • Blockchain DB
  • Supernode Cloud
  • Blockchain Pool 3.0
  • Connected peers to CSE’s network