Oct 06

SRI CAPITAL Chairman Chue Fook Chee Paid A Working Visit To The Government Of Vietnam

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On October 5, Mr. Chue Fook Chee President of SRI CAPITAL, Singapore, paid a working visit to the Government of Vietnam.

Then he had a meeting and talkshow with entrepreneurs and people interested in Blockchain technology, especially Blockchain 3.0 platform.


After talkshow, he said:

“Ladies and Gentlemen

It is a pleasure to be here in Vietnam to get to know you and explore investment investments opportunities.

The conference I attended yesterday is an eye opening to me in that VIETNAM offers many interesting and game changing projects that will improve the wellbeing of the people here.

I strongly believe in technology and embracing technology will make living easy. All we need is to take a first step to learn to use it. A good example is the use of mobile phones.

The technology SRI is really interested is the CSE Singapore Blockchain 3.0, which is the latest in the development of block chain development.

The block chain technology is one that will revolutionise the IT industry in that it will address all the shortcomings of the current central database applications. These central database is susceptible to attacks from hackers and requires elaborate security softwares to protect them.

Blockchain on the other hand is a distributed database technology that is secured against hackers. I strongly believe it will in the near future displace The Central database applications just the LED lights will displace the fluorescent lights.

CSE 30 addresses the shortcomings of the current Bitcoin and etherum technology, that is speed and energy consumption in the application of technology. For Instance Bitcoin block is formed in 10 mins, etherum 6 mins, CSE 6 sec.

SRI will be using this technology to run our operations as we require transmission of confidential information.

I believe this technology can be applied in private and government sectors as well. SRI will certainly invest heavily in CSE and maintain its leadership in the block chain technology.”

Mr Chue (middle) at the talk show

SRI Capital is an early stage venture capital firm focused on funding innovative startups primarily in the US and in India. They will also consider global startups that are looking to enter the US market or the Indian market. While CSE is the new Blockchain platform, it is likely to replace BTC or ETH.