Dec 08

Signing Ceremony Of LabGenomics Program

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On 7/12/2018 at the International Conference Center in Hanoi, the signing ceremony was held: LNG0168 – LabGenomics. The event aims to announce the official role of LNG0168 in developing the market for LabGenomics worldwide and selecting Thailand and Vietnam as the starting point.

Attending the event included LNG Representative 0168 – LabGenomics; Representative of LabGenomics; Representatives from Thailand. Kampon and CSE SG – Application Developer Platform for Information Technology.

LabGenomics is Korea’s leading biotechnology company in the field of molecular diagnostics.

In the past few years, genetic engineering in particular and biotechnology in general have been widely applied in the field of health care, beginning to flourish. In the flow of industry 4.0, LabGenomics Biotech is one of the leading brands for next-generation Personal Genome Services, Genetic Screening Services for Genetic Diseases: Screening cancer; Screening for congenital genetic disorders in children; Prenatal screening; Infectious Diseases; Genetic screening for bodybuilding and diet. Managing personal health, effective for women. PCR kits for many different molecular diagnostics are one of the discoveries of LabGenomics.

This technology can detect pathogenic mutations that contribute to early screening for timely preventive measures. Obviously, the cost of using these technologies is much lower than the cost of treating the disease. This is also the reason that the use of biotechnology for early screening, to detect the modal mutation that is used in most developments.

The Kampon will be the partner in charge of bringing LabGenomics Biotech into the Thai market.

The 21st century is the time when biotechnology and information technology are widely used in the health sector. The perfect combination between biology – information – medicine always brings positive solutions, effective.
Currently Dr. Kampon Thailand has been present in 42 countries around the world. Taking 25% of the market share of the country will help. Kampon easily convinces and put LNG0168 – LabGenomics into the Thai market.
Meanwhile, Mr Leo Lu – CSE SG’s Application Development Partner, said that CSE SG will provide technology solutions for the health sector in general and for the LabGenomics project. in particular. The main technology solutions of CSE SG include the management, logistic, billing, security and transparency of medical records archives through Smartcontract 2.0 technology, AI and Dispersion and BigData CSE has developed successfully.