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The First OEX Exchange On The 19th – CSE Takes You To Witness The Blockchain 3.0

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After walking through Blockchain 1.0 and going through Blockchain 2.0, why are blockchain practitioners still having a bad life?

As digital currencies gain recognition from more and more people, trading digital currencies is becoming more common. As we all know, although BTC and ETH have been heated up, the processing speed has become slower as the number of Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions has soared. In addition, the transaction costs will increase accordingly, which makes it difficult for Bitcoin and Ethereum to enter practical applications. The defects of mainstream digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are becoming more and more prominent.


Such as:

Transaction fees become an increasingly serious problem

Before 2017, Bitcoin’s transaction fees were very low and almost negligible. Proponents of the digital currency often emphasize that this is one of its main selling points. Today, in order to ensure a fast completion of the transaction, the transaction fee can usually exceed $200 at peak times. In this regard, it is clear that there are problems in some places. Although another digital currency, ETH, is better handled on the issue of transaction fees, their fees are also increasing as bitcoin transaction fees increase, but at a slower rate.

Transaction confirmation time is too long

According to today’s standards, Bitcoin blocks run too long and often take ten minutes to complete. Newer blockchains and other digital currencies either have shorter runtimes or use completely different systems, such as relying on a master node or an extensibility solution.


The Litecoin took only 2.5 minutes to deploy, a revolutionary initiative at the time. Although its speed is still fast enough today, it is still not up to the point. Digital currency wants to continue to develop and needs to solve the problem of trading time.

Due to the fierce competition in the network charging structure of Bitcoin and the relatively long delay time, over 100,000 unconfirmed transactions in the past few days have caused frequent network congestion, sometimes as many as 250,000.

Scalability is a serious problem

Scalability refers to the ability of the blockchain to handle more and more transactions and transactions. In response to questions about scalability, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has his own plan. Specifically, he refers to a process called sharding, and he believes that this will be the ultimate solution to the problem at least for Ethereum.

In terms of bitcoin, a second-tier solution such as Lightning Network has been proposed but not yet deployed. Even the largest smart contract platform ETH dozens of transactions per second, still can not resist FCoin’s trading volume surge problem. In summary, these problems do cause people to stay away from Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Despite the fact that both the BTA and the blockchain are expensive, the project prospects are very good, but the problems still remain untouched. The public chain does not solve the performance problem, and everything is in vain.


How does the blockchain project really achieve its landing?

However, due to the so much funding and such strong interest in these platforms, solutions will eventually emerge. Competition is also very important. It is an excellent driver of innovation. Multi-currency systems will thrive as many people support technology’s more advanced, emerging and exciting blockchain. Walk through the blockchain 1.0 project represented by BTC. After the blockchain 2.0 project represented by ETH, you will find that, in the end, how many of them actually landed with blockchain technology? 

Not a single one!

Today, the Blockchain 3.0 project represented by CSE has finally entered our field of vision.


CSE is the digital currency that runs on the new platform – the third platform. Through the new platform, CSE solves many of the problems entangled in the first and second platforms.


CSE is not only the third platform, but it can also create unlimited analog digital currencies to realize the dream life of blockchain applications, close to zero charge and light transaction speed.

Based on Supernode Cloud technology, Quantum Chip technology and multi-layer security methods enable the Blockchain process to quickly reach 1-3 seconds. CSE’s ultra-fast and ultra-efficient positioning for Blockchain 3.0 directly into e-commerce and extends to all other industries such as retail, banking, commerce, logistics, education, healthcare…

And through the CSE ecosystem, entrepreneurs can create their own tokens, which undoubtedly has the advantage of blockchain 3.0.


Official website address:

CSE launches online OEX exchange


Online time: 11:00, December 19, 2018, Singapore time

Recharge time: 11:00, December 19, 2018, Singapore time

Trading Hours: 11:00, December 19, 2018, Singapore time

Online area: BTC trading area


User Benefits: Participate in 20CSE+20OEX! (limited number, first come first served)


Activity time: December 19, 2018 , 11:00 – December 26 way of participation:

1. Have an account

2, pay attention to OEX official Twitter: @oexcom&CSEtoken

3. Follow the official Facebook: @oexcom&csetoken30

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3. Awards will be processed and distributed within 14 working days after the event ends.

About OEX


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