Why should you choose CSE30?

CSE is a token that runs on a new platform – 3rd platform.With the new platform, CSE addresses many of the problems that are entangled in the first and second platforms (Fee, Speed, Secure, Multi port, Off chain,…).
As the number of Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions soar daily, their processing speed has become much slower. In addition, transaction fees will increase accordingly and this makes it difficult for Bitcoin and Ethereum to get into practical applications.

CSE is not only a third platform, but it can also create unlimited analog tokens to realize the Blockchain application dream to life with near zero charge and light transaction speed.

Using Lightning Network Technology on offline payment which makes CSE easy to pay without internet at very low cost and super fast speed. Combined with multi-port and multi-layer protection, CSE makes transaction confirmation faster and more secure.

All of these factors help CSE apply in many industries and areas of business such as: Retail, E-commerce, Health care, Agriculture, Medicine, Government, Manufacturing, etc.

To know more about us please visit our website here: http://www.csetoken.io/