Blockchain's era is extremely fast and low fee


The CSE roadmap is published as follows:

08 2018​:

Public Website, Blockchain Wallet 3.0, Payment Gateway for top 10 Cryptocurrencies, Free TXID Scratch Card Payment, Retail Payment Equipment, Announcement Private Sale 20% of Total Supply at $0.25/CSE. Bonus up to 100%.

09 2018:

Launching Blockchain 3.0 Platform for enterprises includes: Blockchain Module 3.0, Payment Gateway, Supernode Cloud, Blockchain Database, Cold Wallet-ledger 3.0, Public ICO 20% of Total Supply with price $0.3/CSE.

01 2019:

Completion of listing international exchanges for CSE at $0.5/CSE.

03 2019:

Public CSE’s application running on IOS and Android platform. Public Blockchain 3.0 Platform (CSE).